The conversion system - digital to analog - for the long-term storage of your digital data.



Invest in this unique safety and cost-effective long-term storage medium safeguarding the future. The digi-fiche fully and automatically converts your digital data to micro fiche. The conversion system digi-fiche stores your digital data with proven CIE process. The roll film used is a high quality 105 mm microfilm, specially optimized for our system. The micro cut-film is automatically cut from the 60 m film roll and is exposed with data and title (company’s logo, three line text, fiche number) and is afterwards automatically processed.

The micro fiches remain readable for hundreds of years, when properly processed (by using the special film-chem-kit) and stored under controlled conditions. Latest electronics, sophisticated mechanics and chemistry especially developed for this system result in a high quality standard. While you are working with your digital data in familiar environments, the digi-fiche facilitates long-term storage of your data.

The digi-fiche handles nearly all digital formats (up to A2 images) and can be adapted to your existing archive. The digi-fiche is a perfect partner for your long-term archive. Create the microfiches directly after scanning or import your digital documents, which have been already stored on any storage medium, by means of the archiving software.

You have your digital documents in your network ! No problem – the digi-fiche is prepared for use in networks. A fully automatic guardian scans each image transaction in the network and induces the archiving in case of need.


Technical Data:

• Fully automatic conversion, digital to analog
• Input: TIFF, JPEG und PDF up to image size A2
• Output: 105 mm fiche with up to 392 exposures
• Proven color image enhancement process (CIE) for perfect detailed reproduction of a color image
• Complete workplace, including Windows workstation
• Processing speed:
  ◦ up to 5.000 images per hour at 50x
  ◦ up to 3.300 images per hour at 42x
  ◦ up to 2.500 images per hour at 25x
• Title input variable
• Processing unit integrated
• Existing data on different storage media can be processed in the same way as current images in an active workflow
• Dimensions D/W/H cm: 95/135/110 (without workstation)

• Weight: 160 kg (without workstation)

• Options
  ◦ Index
  ◦ Exposure of coordinates
  ◦ Various grids and reductions (25x, 42x and 50x)


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