piccolo 51

 Processor for 16 and 35 mm Microfilm




This easy-to-use desktop processor operates on a time-tested principle. The SI PICCOLO 51 is suitable for development of 16 mm microfilm as well as for 35 mm microfilm application by replacing the rack.

After inserting the exposed 16 mm film into the film-cassette, the end of the film is tracked directly into the rack. The film goes through the chemical baths with a run time of up to 1 m per minute in flat bed method and can be threaded and wound up into the take-up spool after about 30 seconds.

The SI PICCOLO 51 does not require a water supply or a connection to the wastewater. Only connect the chemical bottles from the piccolo chemical set for developing. With regard to the archival capability (residual thiosulfate) it is recommended to use the piccolo chemical set, which is specially produced for this processor.

With one liter of piccolo chemicals the processor develops six to eight 16 mm films or three to four 35 mm films. The chemical temperature from 28°C to 38°C - as well as the running speed and the drying temperature are adjustable. The SI PICCOLO 51 has a very low power consumption. In the heating phase it consumes 800 W and in stand-by around 200 W.


The unique features are:

• One unit for 16 and 35 mm Microfilm
• Simple inserting of the film into the rack
Simple handling of the chemicals
• No water supply and water discharge hose necessary
• Extremely low power consumption: heating-up phase 800 W/stand by 200 W


Technical Data:

• Film: 16 oder 35 mm Microfilm
• Time of passage: 1m / minute
• Chemical temperature: regulated, adjustable 28-38°C
• Chemicals: 4 bottles of 1l each: developer, fixer, 1st rinse and 2nd rinse
• With regard to the archival capability (residual thiosulfate) it is necessary to use the Staude chemical set, which is specially produced for this processor
• Power supply: 230V / 50Hz / 800W (Option: 110V transformer)
• Dimensions and Weight: H/W/D: 42 x 67 x 28 cm, 22KG


How does it work? Look at the video 


Additional processors:  
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