Processor for 16 and 35 mm roll films



No water preheating necessary.
Automatic replenishment including.


The unomat is a fully automatic and user friendly negative microfilm processor which handles one 16 mm or one 35 mm film, polyester or triacetate base.
We offers the unomat color for developping of 35 mm colour films.
The sequence of the baths is developer, intermediate rinse, fixer, pre and final rinse such as drying. The unomat is fitted with a rinse after the fixer bath - pre rinse.
The machine operation and film insertion are done in daylight - no need for darkroom operation. A film inspection station is possible just ahead of the take-up device.
Chemistry temperature and processor speed are adjustable.
The unomat requires a three-phase current, 400 V 16 A, as well as a cold water connection and drain. The water is tempered in the processor.
The automatically replenishment system, which is adjustable, ensures consistency of the individual baths. The level of the replenishment supply containers is monitored and displayed.



Technische Daten:
•   Film sizes:  16 and 35 mm roll films, 30,5- 66 m length 
•   Film transport speed:  1 – 3 m/min 
•   Processing method:   negative 
•   Sequence of baths:   developer, intermediate rinse, fixer, pre rinse and final rinse  
•   Replenishment:   developer and fixer
•   Chemistry temperature:  adjustable 32-42° C, auto control 
•   Rinse:   warm water rinse 32-42° C, auto control, flow rate 0,5-1 l/min.
•   Tank capacity:   3,5 l each 
•   Cold water connection:  inflow ½“, discharge ¾“ 
•   Electrical requirement:  230 V / 16A with Adapter or 400 V / 16A / 3,8 kW (three phase connection)
•   Operating voltage:  230 V
•   Dimensions (complete):   1080 x 400 x 1040 mm (l x d x h)
•   Weight:   92 kg (without liquids)


How does it work? Look at the video 





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